Is There an “App” for That?

I have lots of projects going at any point in time, both to do with work and not. Being a bit of a geek, I usually look for software or applications to help me stay organized, focused and on top of things. Today, I decided I needed to try out a project management software. I searched online, which is always my first step to any point of curiosity, problem, or inquiry. I found a “free”, web-based, project management software that I could download to all of my computers in both Windows and OSX and on my phone and tablet via an app. The selling point was that it would integrate with several other web-based products I routinely use. I clicked the download button immediately, and voila! I’m a project manager.

Well, not so fast. I opened up the software and quickly assessed the user interface, which was very straightforward and easy to use. I wasted no time creating “folders” for areas of my life I wish to manage, as projects, then creating “tasks” within each of the folders. It seemed easy enough. I knew I should probably apply timeframes to my various tasks for each of my projects, and I knew there had to be some way to get an overview, sort of a “bird’s eye view” of what all was going on and what all was coming up. I saw a button that said “dashboard”, when I selected it a pop-up message appeared saying I’d just activated my “free” fifteen day trial for the “enhanced feature”. I’m smart enough to know that you usually get what you pay for and that a “free” project management software was not likely to be either a complete tool or completely free. I also know enough about the world to know that to get the most out of my new tool, I’m going to need to know more about the topic in general and the tools, specifically.

I’ve enrolled in a free webinar next week. I’m sure, to get the most out of the software and project management, as a whole, I am going to have to learn some new skills, and how organize my projects, tasks, timelines and information, then put it all to use and employ the tools as designed.

True, it sounds like a lot, just to get oneself organized, but I think it will be worth it. And that’s what’s important; that I think it will be worth it, that I am willing to undertake this a task, and that I know I will need to learn more about it and make a regular and concerted effort to get the desired result.

What are your desired results? Do you know what you need to do, or know, to achieve your desired results? In life, we all have some idea of what we want that we don’t already have. We don’t often know exactly how to go about getting there; what tools we may require, what skills we may need, how to apply reasonable timeframes and how to oversee or manage our progress. So many of us make very slow, or perhaps no, progress towards those desired results. Not unlike the project management software webinar I signed up for, sometimes we just need to find out what tools we have at our disposal and how, exactly, to use them. And that’s where life coaching may be the solution.

To find out more about life coaching and how it will benefit you, contact us for a free, no obligation consultation. Check us out online at Life Path Life Coaching, email us at, or fill out the contact form below. We might just be the “app” for that!