Who You Gonna Call?

If you are having trouble with a ghost, you’re probably going to call the Ghostbusters, right? If you’re having trouble with a ghost, you won’t get much help from an auto mechanic, or a gardener. If you are stuck, you’re going to call someone knowledgeable enough to get you unstuck, someone with some expertise in the matter.

A few folks still resort to the good, old, Yellow Pages when they need assistance with something, ghosts or gardens. Most of us now just Google it. Whichever way we are accustomed to finding help, we are provided with a list of nearby resources that have some expertise in the area we are troubled with. Piece of cake (call a bakery). We may call a few names off the list, or check out their website or acquaint ourselves with them in some manner. Ultimately, if we really need help, we are going to choose someone with a certain amount of expertise in the area to help us.

Who are you going to call when you really aren’t sure what the trouble is? Maybe life is good, but you’re feeling a little lost, like you’re not on track, or like you have no direction or focus, no goals, or maybe you have goals but don’t feel like you’ve made any progress towards them. The Ghostbusters aren’t going to be much help, and, again, neither are an auto mechanic or a gardener.

Many of us turn to family and friends when we need some consultation on direction, motivation and our lack of progress towards our goals. Usually, our friends and family are more than happy to provide advice, and sometimes we are even inclined to follow their advice. It is comforting to have someone familiar, someone we trust, advising us in such matters. But, when you think about it, what are the people closest to us really experts in? Ghostbusting? Automotive mechanics? Gardening? Or perhaps law, accounting, medicine, cooking, raising children, or raising hogs? While we trust them, their advice in matters of motivation, progress towards our goals, or even in establishing our goals, may not be the best. For us. Our loved ones are likely to tell us what worked for them, or what didn’t really work for them. Of course, they only have good intentions, they just aren’t experts in the area.

Who you gonna call?

There are experts! Well trained and highly experienced experts in the area of helping people identify their goals, their dreams and their desires in life. These experts can also help you plan the best way, for you, to make progress towards those goals, to stay motivated and accountable. Life coaches provide the expertise that well-meaning family and friends likely lack. A life coach may make the difference between you fulfilling your goals and dreams and you leaving for the afterworld with unfinished business!

Life coaching is a client driven process. Your coach will listen attentively and compassionately as you discuss your goals, your desires, your dreams. Your coach will help you plan a reasonable and workable method and timeline for accomplishing your goals, and, best of all, based on your needs and desires, your coach will help keep you accountable and on track.

Don’t remain stuck living a life you know can be more. Don’t get caught dead having not fulfilled your most meaningful goals and dreams. If you’re stuck in life, get unstuck, before it’s too late! Who you gonna call about life? A life coach!

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